Installationsvy Delaystructure

19.11.23 – 20.02.09 (Anderstorpsvägen 3)

Products from infrastructure- and logisticalindustries and the systems that they are part of -the mostly invisible network, that makes our way of life feasible- are the materials in Lisa Trogen Devguns Art. At Gislaveds Konsthall she creates a exhibition of monumental scale in cooperation with Plastinject watersystem AB from Anderstorp. The videoart, Green Lawns Without Water, has been dubbed by Jacob Broms Engblom.

What colour is a lawn?

We move through a garden of plastic, squeeze through shapes created to give us respit, space and time. A delay structure for our bodies and the inevitable.

Rain falls, the downpour whips at the windows and crashes through the drainage, soft rainfall inexorably seeks it way throug layers of cloth, as passing through a cloud. Nature breathes and streches. Or, the rain doesn't come, the clouds pass and the lawns shifts into shades of yellow and brown.

Weather is beyond human control, but not outside our effect. Humanity's occupation has redefined the rules of our existence, a perverted version of the architectural basis that consists of reshaping nature after human needs; to give roofs for protection against rain and the sun, walls to shelter us from wind and animals and so on and so forth. instead we have come to embrace the world not after our needs but in a way that threatens our very existence.

Still we walk through a garden each and every day over hidden undergroud lakes. the main feature of the installation is a detention pond; The Pluvial Cube, a function taken shape. the black plastic cubes that make up the installation are detention ponds, that are used to collect rainwater. They are gathered in unison beneath our feen in collosal underground structures that gathers the rain from roofs and parkinglots, and lets it through in a limited manner into our stormwater drains. Rain falls or it doesn't, and under the streets there are no beaches but a lake with or without water.

In Sweden we usually measure downpour in milimeters. If it rains 1mm on a square meter of a horizontal surface and no water evaporates or run off, that constitutes a liter. If a milimeter of rain falls on the roof of Gislaveds Konsthall; on Framtidens Konsthall that translated into 1000liters, in an average week during the exhibition (nov - Feb) that is about 20 000 liters.

About 1400 units of the exhibitions main material, Pluvial Cube single module, is required to support the calculated downpour on Konsthallens Roof during the exhibitionperiod, more than twice the amount of units that are part of the installation.

When the exhibition ends the cubes are returned to Plast Inject Watersystems and will find their place underground to unseen be filled and emptied of water. Aside from the physical object or products that Trogen Devgun show it's a system of infrastructure and logistics that they are a part of just as an important part of the creation. between production and distrubution under transport and in warehouses the exhibition arises. The borrowed exhibition, it's parts are a temporary part of the exhibition- in a delay between production and function.