Installationsvy uppbrott

19.11.23 – 20.02.09


Världens undergång

har redan skett

den fruktansvärda domen

har redan fallit.

Stjärnornas katastrof

har redan inträffat.

Nattens himmel

är en öken,

en öken av lampor

utan ägare.

Horder av silver

gav sig av

till mysteriets

täta jäst.

Och i Dödens farkost

färdas vi människor, det känns

som om vi leker med livet,

som vore vi andar!

Vi ser mot de fyra vädersträcken

och allt är dött.

Natens himmel

är en ruin,

ett eko”

Federico Garcia Lorca

The first thing we meet in the exhibition is a heavy yet floating shutter, an opening into a konstruktion created to keep the curious, jealous, observer outside. The surface and the shutters dual nature, the encompassing and excluding, is explored in many of the works. The contours are far more than a boundary between form and content. The materials are sometimes an illusionary effect in the graphite clad surfaces gives a sense of lead like weight, sometimes a result of a deeply personal experience as in the series of four collages created by materials from the walls of Arnros childhood home residing nearby. can the substance, in of itself carry a meaning beyond the image; can the facade of a house portray a home's mental state?

Inside the exhibitions main room we are ecompassed and excluded at the same time. Between the exhibitionhall's arcitecture and a hanging canvas that once surrounded nonconformist churchmeetings speaking in tongues. A group of objects or sculptures take a central position and standing before them our perspective shifts in one second we are we small like dolls, in another we are as giants.

One of the objects is balloon farer Andreés place of acsent a a group bears the name "Flowers of Tjernobyl". These three objects, a series of tightly enclosed cylinders, with hints of their devastating contents has a counterpart of three buds on the brink of blooming in the next part of the exhibit. Preparations for departures side by side but what's been left behind.

A shelf brought from the artists workshop filled with objects become almost an archive of possibilities, where each one paints a world around itself; the beginning of a story, but resting in the structure surrounding them. Among Bo Arnros works that can be viewed as an exploration of arcitecture and the mind; we are presented with humanity and inhuman creations.