Konstvärk av Nina Ölund Noreskär

Nina Ölund Noreskär. 2020

In the second part of the exhibition Gathering newly purchased works are presented. These artworks will become a permanent part of Gislaveds Kommun's art collection and will after the exhibit find new places in the councils buildings.

The exhibition Gathering is a result of our adaption to the Corona pandemic. Together everyone in Gislaveds Kommun own an art collection, works that we have recieved as gifts or purchased throughout the years have been collected and that toghether show a piece of our history. Gislaveds Konsthall has spent these summer months to showcase these artwoks that can be found in daycares as well as retirement homes and contains everything from sculptures to video. we have filled Konsthallen with artworks not often shown to the public. This is a presentations of works that will find new homes in the buildings of Gislaveds kommun and become part of the permanent exhibition that the collection makes up.

For the second part of the exhibition we are purchasing new artworks from artist with ties to Gislaveds Kommun or Konsthallen. in doing so we create a lasting value for all members of the municipality and a support to our working artists.