Showing and Growing the collection

Turn your gaze inwards and forwards. Who are you and what do you take with you from this time?
Together we in Gislaveds Municipality own an art collection, artworks that through gifts and purchases have been gathered through the years and that together reflect a piece of history. Gislaveds konsthall spends the summer months on these artworks that hang everywhere from preschools to retirement homes and encompass everything from sculptures to video. We fill the gallery with pieces that are not often seen by the public, and purchase new works by artists with ties to Gislaveds municipality. In that way we create a lasting value for all members of the municipality and support for working artists.

Works from the collection in this image from left to right:
Mervi Kiviniemi - Moforsbruk III
Shiva Anoushirvani - In progress / själförsvaret
Shiva Anoushirvani - Divided

Featuring works by:

Shiva Anoushirvani

Rolf Hansson

Marie Holmgren

Kimmo Kaivanto

Anders Kappel

Mervi Kiviniemi

Ada Kobusiewicz

Marlene Lindmark

Hans Lindroth

Lena Linnros

Ruth Malinovski

Albert Merino

Thomas Qvarsebo

Nils Ramhöj

Marja Ruta

Ann-Marie Valsten

Sabine Öllerer